Transhumance 2019

Programme en FrançaisProgramme en Néerlandais


Map 2018, the map 2019 will arrive as soon as possible

1-  2:00 pm: village centre

    • Gathering on the main square,
    • Blessing of our Giant
    • demonstration of working shepherd dogs work with the association “Oh Travail”,
    • performance by the “Cors des Alpes”

2:30pm: beginning of the transhumance with our cowbells, horses and carriages from Berthen and donkeys from Saint Jans.

2-  Stop at the farm at the placed called “Les Fontaines”

    • Tales and traditional dances

3-  At the Col de Berthen (109m above sea level)

    • Flight of pigeons

4-  At the Plaine du Mont des Cats

    • “Cors des Alpes”,
    • Activities, songs, dances,
    • Working wool: shearing, spinning, weaving,
    • Drinks, making of apple juice and tasting,
    • Snacks, traditional bread, the Shepherd’s Snack,
    • Rides with horses and carriages,
    • Concerts: les Skassoulets et les Teugie Bier

5-  9pm : Torch-lit trip back to the village

And many other surprises!